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New user.. Cant make it work

Hello, and thanks for looking.. I recently purchased Record and an M-Audio fast track USB interface. I ran RCA cables from the interface to my home stereo. I am running it on a Windows Vista machine. I have the guitar plugged into the interface, and the interface plugged into the usb port. I see the clip light on the interface working, so I know I have signal this far. I see the input meter in record moving, so I know singnal is getting here as well. I can hear the dry guitar sound coming through my speakers. I tried to set up a track with the Line 6 guitar amp modeler. I cant record. I see no movement on the output meter. and I believe that I should hear the guitar with the modeler sounds. My audio card is set up as the M-Audio.

Thanks in advance for any help. I have been messing with this for a week, and no success. I watched the tutorials, and none of them seem to get into detail about signal path.

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