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Old 2010-03-15, 20:19
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Isn't authorizing to open Record enough proof of legal ownership?

I felt this would be better here....

This isn't meant to be a dongle or no dongle thread. I'm pretty sure a lot has been said about it.

I get the idea behind copy protection. As much as I don't agree with the dongle, I'm ok with it.

I just don't get that the dongle or internet authorization is required EVERY TIME I want to open a file. I'd accept that requirement to OPEN THE APPLICATION but to always require it for opening every song (even after the application was opened and authorized the first time) is overkill for me. Really, Props.

Isn't it proof enough that once someone authorizes the software to open, it means that we bought it legally and have the dongle or a props account?

I think my particular gripe is sound and valid that yes, I do accept the need for a dongle and authorization but to need it EVERY TIME I need to open a file is already too much of an inconvenience.

I've also experienced the Dongle plugged in and I get to open the app but later on, it seemed to disconnect from my computer even if it's plugged in.

And kindly spare the "just bring your dongle every time" or whatever. There are times that I need to rely on an internet connection and once I open the app and authorize it, I think it's just fair that we can be stopped being bugged authorizing beyond that because we've proved the legality of our software purchase already.

Example: I once needed to open a file (without a dongle) and there wasn't any net connection. I was thinking, it would be great if I found a wifi spot somewhere, authorize and open the app, and head back to the workshop I needed Record for. But I'll need to run back and forth to that wifi spot for every song file I needed to open and that's beyond protecting Props' copyright already coz they've protected it already since I needed to authorize to run the app already. It's just plain irritating. Seriously.

I hope this can be changed in an update. Thanks!

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