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Old 2010-03-30, 01:31
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Control Surface should edit highlighted device

A control surface should edit the highlighted device no matter what.

Currently from the Record/Reason Manual: - "This means that you set Master Keyboard Input to a track in the sequencer to route the control surface(s) to the track’s device in the rack."

There may be some reason or functionality that I'm not thinking of but you really should be able to change parameters on whatever device (instrument, effect) in the RACK VIEW that you have currently highlighted.

Example: You are in rack view and want to dial in the mix of everything so you highlight an EQ, use knobs, then you highlight the delay, use knobs, then highlight a filter, use knobs.

I spent yesterday afternoon customizing a remotemap for my XL-7 for every effect device based on the above assumption. The only device that is editable is chosen in a different window, the seq window? Counterintuitive at least to me.

Anyone else feel the same way about this? Make our voices heard if you are out there.

p.s. Double clicking a device picture while in Seq window should open up the rack view and the device selected.

p.s.s. I dont have enough controllers to lock to device in the software so that workaround won't help most people.

I LOVE Propellerheads.

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