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Old 2010-04-10, 20:21
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Collab between Adam (ag858) and David Stuart

Hi Everyone!

Well, can't believe how lucky I've been recently. Adam G (ag858) and I have worked out a little tune together, and it's.....well.....kind of interesting. Adam brings so much to the table. Not only is he a brilliant composer - but he really knows his stuff. I learned a lot about theory, and was able to apply some of it here. Meanwhile, I brought a love for odd-meter and dissonant things to the table - and this is the result.

I think we would both be very, very interested in comments about this. Please - don't hesitate with your remarks and suggestions.

BTW - I did the final mix and mastering using Pro Tools LE. I found the user interface really unsatisfactory - especially things like bouncing tracks, changing parameters while the tune is playing, etc. Maybe (just, maybe) they have some interesting plug-ins - and maybe the fact that you can punch in and out, do certain things - is good. But, honestly, not sure I would choose Pro Tools over Record - especially for the price.

Anyway, enjoy!

Album: Salt, Sand and Waves
Song: High Surf

David and Adam

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