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Old 2010-04-12, 00:00
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Talking Mid/Side support and other great feature requests!


I love to write feature requests even thought the Props are clearly all set with the next release of Reason.

Therefore they can implement it in Record 2 instead, so here goes.

- Mid/Side processing device. Would just be a simple little device that splits the signal into mid/side.

- A proper sampler that samples (with wave-editor!!) and has a crunchy filter and some even crunchier drive effect.

- A polyphonic sequencer (this is a must) with scale and chord convertor to make us lazy composers smile.

- Integrate Regroove into Redrum or a rack sequencer so you can save the groove as a combinator.

- IR device for adding delicious saturation and spaces.

- Frequency Analyser device or meter.

- Add an option for oversampling Reason synths when bouncing to get rid of the aliasing (or less).

- Automatic color coding of combinators just like it´s done with clips and tracks.

- Easy way to group tracks together, to keep things nice and tidy in the sequencer.

- integrated browser, to audition on the fly, organize refills and drag and drop patches and audio files. Hooray!!!

- Multi-effects device ala 2010. Stereo delay, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Grainer, Pitch shifter, frequency shifter.

- Looping device (not sure how this would be integrated, maybe within the sampler?)

- Midi out and rewire host feature.

I´m pretty sure most people on here agree with most of the requests.

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