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Old 2010-04-12, 18:43
gilbertowilson3 gilbertowilson3 is offline
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Vocal Pitch Correction and Remote File

The Record/Reason combo experience is ridiculously comfortable; however some features are missing that are present in other DAWs.

1. Vocal Pitch Correction Module (since third party VST's break stability)
2. Modern remote file (my control surface (M-Audio Projectmix I/O) can't manipulate the SSL-like mixer)
3. One super sampler (combine Recycle and NN-XT and dump NN-19)
4. Better Refill Pack/Unpack tools to combine/consolidate refills (it's annoying managing 100 + refills on your hard-disk)

I am NOT a big fan of Avid's product, however the product is appealing considering the aforementioned gripes are alleviated in that environment.

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