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Old 2010-04-11, 07:36
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petegwatson & clarktw – A “Collab”!

Pete Watson gave permission to experiment with his song “Trip Dub“and kindly allowed me to download his Reason .rns file (1.5 MB). I have had a blast this evening working with it in Record+Reason, modifying it a bit, and adding pianos. My parts are pianos only (Pete’s song does not use piano). All other instrument selections, compositions and performances are by Pete.

I modified the last part of the arrangement and reduced the song time from 4:47 to now 3:46 in length. The new .record file is 3.5 MB. I moved clips around in order to create “the flow” I envisioned. This is the first time that I’ve worked like this before, and the wonders of R+R are even more evident to me now. Also, no effects have been added to Pete’s original other than the SSL Master Bus Compressor.

The “collab” song is at my Bandcamp site: .

Pete’s original song is linked in his thread, and just for convenience: .

Before Pete shoots me, I want to thank him for this opportunity. It’s been a new experience with R+R, and even more exciting for me to be jammin’ with the best.
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