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Smile Reason Rewire and Cubase Question

Hello all

I posted this in the user forum but think I should have put it here..?

I have a bit of a newbie question I guess....I'm sorry if this sounds mega confusing!!!

I've been using Cubase and Reason separately for quite a few years now by laying down music in Reason and exporting the individual dry tracks to a folder, then opening them in Cubase to edit/add vocals etc.

However! I know that I could save time by (finally) learning how to use Rewire and the Hardware Device (Hardware Interface?) in Reason.

Sooo, I've been having a play around and have noticed that when I plug devices in the tracks appear nicely in Cubase and play back etc. The only thing that is troubling me a little is when I want to send a stereo device (e.g an NN-XT) in Reason and plug in into say 3 and 4 on the Hardware Device, it obviously creates two tracks in Cubase. I'm hoping there is a way that I can group the two channels in Cubase as I would need to apply EQ/effects etc twice to everything! (As I said...very new to Rewire!). Also, I've noticed some devices I've routed don't sound in Stereo, even though both L and R are sent. Would I have to pan the separate channels far right and far left in Cubase to acheive this?? Or is there a way to send a stereo signal from a device in Reason and only have one channel in Cubase to edit (without using Reason's mixers single stereo output)., even if I route a stereo L and R input to 3 and 4 in reason to create two rewire tracks 3 and 4 in Cubase, it shows like two stereo tracks playing in Cubases mixer (the faders are both in stereo). It's almost like I'm sending the signal twice??!??@#

Am I missing something or does this all sound about right? Like I said, I'm having to learn quite a new way of working with this!

Cheers and thank yous!


(BTW, currently using Reason 4 and Cubase 4)

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