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Old 2010-04-28, 07:40
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Movie Scoring - At least make the workarounds possible!

SO, I've spent weeks trying to find a workaround for scoring. Record doesn't support video so it's impossible to score movies but WAIT you can use it with another daw out there (garageband, live, logic etc) to display the video right? well.. no:

1. using rewire - You could use rewire to sync the time between the two daws so the video would be in perfect sync, right? no, because you lose the ability to record in Record. No input channels can be used when Record is in ReWire slave mode and Record cannot be ReWire master for reasons unknown.

2. forget rewire, use IAC-midisync. well, this is doable, but barely. Record doesn't support midi out (sigh..) so you have to make the secondary DAW the timecode host and make Record receive that information. That means that you have to stop midi sync, or swap to the other DAW every time you want to press play, or record in Record..

SO propellerheads, please, any of these would do:
1. midi clock out, 2. rewire as master, 3. video support.

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