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Record 1.0.1 Download Size

Hey there,

I was very pleased to see a Propellerheads post in my RSS reader this morning announcing 1.0.1. On arriving into the office I instantly opened the full post and was about to click download when I saw;

Download Record
Windows, 1.1Gb

1.1Gb? Seriously? What's the story? What could possibly be the logic behind requiring a complete download of a 1.1Gb file? Not even from the point of view of hassle to your end-users but surely your bandwidth costs must be insane? I find it impossible to believe that it was out of the question to offer a smaller download. The last Reason update was 153Mb, and if memory serves me right, previous Reason updates were of a similar small size.

Whilst obviously net access has improved a lot in the last few years, and download speeds are better across the board. However I'm currently located in Cambodia where net isn't exactly great. For me to download this with any comfort of it succeeding I'll be asking my business partner in Ireland to download it to our home server to which I will then connect over SFTP and download from there to ensure the ability to resume.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely and totally love your software. I think Record is an excellent progression and I have been using it exclusively for recent production of new tracks. It would take a lot more than a large download to vex me. I'm just baffled as to why?

I recently downloaded a ProTools LE 8.0.3 update. It was 943Mb. That also baffled me immensely. Cubase patches tend to be between 50 and 150Mb. I consider a patch release as something like 1.0.x+1, and it makes sense to me that such a patch would be replacing the .exe and some related programme files.

Anyway, it's a bit of a long rambling rant there. Have no fear, I still love your products, this just surprised me!



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