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Old 2010-04-28, 19:14
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Exchange audio between Record and other software/hardware

i used to be a Reason user. Since Record came out it interested me again. I tried the demo with the Reason 4 demo, i like it a lot...

I have a couple of questions. I won't ask for VST support or Midi output support. I know about those limitations, it's fine. I have questions about working around those limitations.

1. Can i use Record to send audio to a hardware unit and record it back into another track ? I have some hardware i'd like to use to treat sounds coming from Reason. I thought it would be possible with a multi channel soundcard.

2. From what i understand, i could sync Record to a hardware midi sequencer so i could record my hardware synthesizers into it. Is this correct ?

3. Is there any way to do the same thing with software ? Is there any way to exchange audio inside the computer ? I think under Mac OS X you can use SoundFlower or Jack OS X. Is there anything else ? Is there something under Windows ?

I could use Renoise (not by propellerheads) to drive a plug in or two that would get mixed inside the Record mixer.

From what i understand, Record (which is a Rewire slave only) can't receive audio when Rewired...

I don't want to use Rewire with another DAW. The only other software i'd use would be Renoise with maybe a few plugins.

I want to center my workflow around Record and Reason but i'd like to have a bit of extra flexibility sometimes.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my complicated questions. I want to know the limitations before spending the money!

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