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Sad when I saw RB for iphone

So there's a lot of excitement on the forums about the iphone version of Rebirth.
Not from me, I'm afraid.
I used to own this software many many years ago and there's something about it that I just love. I'm one of those who's been hoping for years that a new and improved version would be released, or even better, Reason integration (which would probably make me buy Reason immediately).
But when the front page blew up in my face with an iphone version, I realised that's it, this software is now reduced to a cell phone app and will probably never make its way into Reason.
But I don't understand why. Altho you can probably make any type of music in Reason, it is initially meant for electronic music. The devices featured in Rebirth are such an important part of electronic music history, it should be in there!
"But why can't you just use the free Rebirth, buy Reason and be happy?"
I could think of so many reasons to have it fully integrated in Reason, I'm not even gonna start.
What can you do with the iphone app? Well, you can fiddle around with the poor interface but you cannot be effective really, and I doubt you can export any type of file from it, so it's just for fun, and not what I need.
So I guess this post in the end turned out to be another pledge for full RB integration

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