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Old 2010-05-05, 01:47
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Note turned on and off quickly while played

I don't know what to call this effect. My two best examples:

Little Boots - Remedy
(Beginning, around the 8th note played.)

Pretty Lights - Final Countdown remix
(After the initial talking and first time the original main riff is played. When the original riff is "remixed", the first note does this effect.)

How would I accomplish this? I recently got into Reason again and I want to understand it a lot more. I've read the manual operation guide a few times and I'm pretty familiar. I thought this effect was called gating at first but now I'm not sure.

I'm trying to think of ways to do this, but this is all I've got cause I don't have time to try it out:

Thor with my settings all done.
Arpeggio or Matrix machines.
Make a fast pattern of off/on notes.
Connect only the gate CV to Thor. (So I can play notes with my MIDI Controller but have them gated by the other machine).
Use something like the mod wheel connected to the speed of the Arpeggio/Matrix or off/on.

I semi tried this earlier. I didn't have my keyboard so I just recorded a few single long notes on the Thor track. The Arpeggio machine had all the normal connections. The thing was, when the RPG-8 did one of it's notes, even when that note turned off the original note from Thor didn't continue to play. I don't know if the concept is wrong or if it was me not playing with an actual keyboard.

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