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Old 2010-05-07, 20:57
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A couple of suggestions (mostly reason)

Things that really should be fixed and or added:

Bad release noise:
Whenever I try to distort and compress the living soul out of a sound to get it sounding hard and analog or whatever, I get this weird release noise which I don't want. See the patch below:

Collapse all combinators
It would be nice if you could hold ctrl alt and click on the combinator programmer to hide all the combinator programmers.

Note snapping:
This is super annoying, after I've created a "container" or "group" or whatever you call them for my notes to be in, in the snap dropdown box it can say for instance that my snap time is 1/2 but when I start drawing it's something else. Not sure if I explained this one well enough.

NN-XT Sample Selection:
When I try to select a bunch of samples in NN-XT inside the NN-XT programmer it doesn't scroll all the way to the left or to the right, it stops one note before it hits one of the sides so I always have to press the arrow and then drag the width thingy for the note.

Dropdown menus in the combinator:
It was done in a good way in Thor when you assign stuff to the mod matrix (it's all categorized in sub menus) but oh my it's so annoying browsing through meters of meters with things to assign something to. Please make it catergorized for all synths when assigning knobs to other knobs.

I was also thinking that you could make it so you could drag either of the knobs to one of the rotaries or one of the buttons and it would be assigned. Do this and you won't be dealing with the dropdown menus no more.

Randomized preset
This is always fun to have. With a click of a button, all the knobs and buttons are randomized! Maybe you could have it so you can select the range of randomization and randomize a whole combinator etc. It would really be fun and useful to have when you don't know what to make.

Copy knob
So you can copy a knobs value and paste it onto other knobs, this would be rather useful. And maybe have something like copy the percentage of the knobs value between min and max.

Pitchbender snapping
Something that can snap the lines you're drawing to the nearest note while drawing pitch bender automation.

Write Problem (file locked)
Sometimes I have the file I'm exporting over opened, so I forget to close it in the other app. When I'm done exporting the song I get the error that the file is in use. Please add some sort of retry function or make it so I can save it to some other place instead of re exporting the entire song all over just because something is using the file you're saving over.

Import as BPM(Record)
The ability to import a loop or something in wav in specified BPM. If your song is in 130 bpm and the loop is in 140 BPM you could write what BPM the loop is in and it'd stretch the loop to 130 without you needing to change the BPM of the song before importing.

Mixer groups(record)
Select multiple sliders and drag them all at once. Basically mixer groups like protools and other DAWS have.

Common suggestions (I think, haven't really looked) that I will suggest anyway:

Combinator knobs:
Unlimited amount of combinator knobs and buttons.. somehow. I was thinking you could just add as many as you liked but this idea sounds a little weird and may not be so good for everyone who wants it simple. But I always run out of knobs to assign things to.

Make the NN-XT more combinator compatible:
I'm not entirely sure how this would work, maybe you could have sub menus for each note. But this would only work if you made it so the combinator has dropdown menus categorized in sub menus.

Ideas that will probably never happen but would be amazing to have:

Online collab:
Since reason and record does not have any plugin system, you wouldn't have to worry about needing this and that.
I was thinking of networking all the knob values in the current session to one another. It doesn't sound that heavy on the network at all, but then there's syncing LFO's and the samples. I'm not sure how that would work. I guess you could just send the samples to the other user.

Syncing randomized LFO's would probably be difficult. Unless you just had some sort of seed (for the randomizer) that was based on the current time (Who knows, maybe this is how it works)

So yeah the initial sync would be heavy, but after that you would just sync the differences. It really would be amazing to have. Imagne having a server browser (like in a game) where people host sessions you could join and collab with random people just for fun. And if they wanted to they could just password their servers. (I'm a bit of a gamer you see)

This idea seems both simple and hard, so I don't know, if anyone think they know how to solve the problems that I'm thinking this would have feel free to suggest.

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