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Os x already!!!!!

With the addition of Rebirth for both the iPhone and the iPad, which consequently use OS X more or less, shouldn't you guys finally let us have a version for Snow Leopard and beyond? I mean really, it still works on Windows, but I would love to use it in conjunction with Reason on OS X. I own and have purchased from you Rebirth, Reason 2-4 and Record. With all the support I have given this company through the years, all I ask is for you to finally release an OS X version of Rebirth! It would be great to use rebirth on iPhone while I'm on the go if I have a good new idea, and then be able to transfer it to Rebirth on OS X, combine it with beats and FX from Reason and then put it all together in Record. Come on, it can't be that difficult since it already works on the iPhone and iPad. Port it already!!!!!

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