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Old 2010-05-11, 01:50
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realtime L/R control-Additional Remote Overrides

As we move into the Abelton Live laptop era Propellerhead has has come to the table. Specifically, a guitarist doing live looping and effecting those loops on the fly.

We as musicians/producers could really take advantage of Gibson Echoplex like features. Ideally this could be even a separate rack unit.

Say I set up multiple audio tracks each with their own Line6 pod tone and fx chain. Yet in using Additional Remote Overrides the target track does not monitor audio tracks as you remotely switch..(you have to use a mouse or just hit record or the audio to monitor) this can be worked around with RECORD SOURCE for looping only one sound, however immediately monitoring the audio track is essential.

Once a loop is made I would like to assign to the FVB (or any midi controller) through Additional Remote Overrides the following features:

reverse, halftime (halves the speed of the loop), double time,

as well as the L R control- halving the distance of the L/R or doubling it (perhaps even better ratios like 1/4 or 1/8)

In combination with the current undo/redo features and tap tempo PH could create a very powerful live tool.

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