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Old 2010-05-14, 03:38
Brody92 Brody92 is offline
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I think i may have received wrong package from the PropShop

Hey guys, just posting a thread in here since i'm after some help with my order, i have seen some previous posts with the same questions being asked but cannot view them as they are under the user forum and i am restricted since i have not registered as of yet!!!!
The thing is, I have ordered the Record Reason Duo Bundle from the Propshop, and received it!!!
I have installed both Reason & Record... and have opened up Record (with the dongle inserted) and meet the page with Authorize & Register, Internet Verification & Demo. I have clicked on Authorize & Register as I have never previously owned a Reason or Record product & because the page says "the instered ignition key is not authorized" !!!! The Authorizer says it is Present so i click on Launch Browser!!!
Now... it comes up with Register Record!!! The 1st step: Ignition Key has a number shown. but the 2nd and 3rd steps are asking me for a license number & registration code!!! this is the thing, my package does not include an "authorisation card" with any codes or numbers!!! I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my package is the wrong package. Here is my package
The box is titled "Record for Reason Owners"
There is a Record sticker card, a card titled "Record You", a Reason book titled "What's new", a Record book titled "Installation Manual", Reason 4 DVD, Record DVD and the Dongle!!!!
...This package completely matches the "Record for Reason owners" contents as the PropShop showed and is not the "Record Duo Bundle" i ordered and payed for!!!
....With the box being called Record for Reason owners, i presume this is for people with previous versions of Reason who already are all they need is there card or there prop account with the codes and they are all good!!!
I however ordered the Duo Bundle because i do not own any previous Propellerhead products, and since I have recieved "Record for Reason owners" and have no authorization card... i do not have a clue what to do!!!
I will email the shop too but just though i'd post it here as well for some assistance!!!! thanks guys, really appreciated!!!!

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