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push-button routing

been playin with record, and im finding it a lil bit tiresome having to re-plug round the back to do things like busses for grouping channels.

maybe im being dumb, and id love to hear an alternative solution, but most mixers have routing buttons to busses or Groups at the bottom of each channel. would this be easily possible?

since audio tracks have internal routing anyway, i thought perhaps a *bus* track could be a new device which when created listens to a signal taken pre or post from an audio track when a routing button on that track is engaged (or a dropdown menu for maximum scaleablilty). a *bus* track could also have a linked mute/solo, eliminating the problem of all other audio being muted when soloing a channel in the main mixer.

this would let us easily group up audio tracks without having to repatch, and would also create many possibilities if the ability to route were automatable.

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