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Remote Override ideas

It would be great to be able to assign multiple remote overrides to the same cc...currently you can only assign a cc(knob or button) to control one thing and if you select another it will overwrite the first one. *It would be great to assign many parameters to change when you turn one knob or press one a mini window that pops up listing assignments.

For instance, drummer might have 5 mics and 5 audio tracks but now one assigned button could change a parameter on all five tracks(filter, fx bypass, etc.)

Also as a guitarist, or any live musician wishing to integrate Record/Reason into a stage sound processor(Guitar Rig+echoplex looping) the best thing for live switching would be to have remote override for track switching instead of just target track. What I mean is that in remote override (not additional remote override - target track) it would be amazing if you could just click on audio track 1 and then push on a FBV footpedal switch A so it's assigned. *Then you click on audio track 2 and then push FBV switch B and it's assigned. *If they are both on the same input then switching would occur.

That way a guitarist could have ABCD on the Line6 FBV as different tones + you could bank up down for multiple remote assignments.

In combination with the first idea, a whole band could be routed and in pressing one assigned button each instrument gets routed to a new track with new fx.

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