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Matrix pattern automation

Hey Reasonwizzards,

simple question for you: suppose I create a combinator together with a few redrum machines (all linked to the output through a line mixer or so). My aim is to automate the pattern selection of these redrum machines, so that I can use them on the fly in a live set-up. More specifically: I need a means so that I can trigger the same pattern (e.g. A1 -> A2 -> ...) simultaneously on each of the redrums.

I imagined to do this as follows: add a single matrix, and use this matrix to dictate the selection of the patterns on each of the redrums. That is to say: I would like to use notes (or a curve) in the matrix to trigger pattern selection, hereby using the cmb-programmer in the following way: assign pattern select in each of the redums to (say) the first rotation knob. I can then choose to control this knob by means of either the note lanes on the matrix (or the curve).

Here is my problem: I would expect that when I choose the notes to select patterns, that the lowest note (C -2) corresponds to the very first pattern A1. Now strangely enough, and this is my question, it seems that this triggers B7?? Why is that?

Anyone a clue; or at least a way to solve my problem?
Help appreciated!

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