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Feeling let down by Propellerheads

---Anyone who thinks I'm trolling, let me remind you that forums are for expressing and discussing opinions, not just for fanboyism / fanaticism. I loved Reason up until v3, and actually feel sad that the program no longer reflects the ideas I wish to see implemented in music software.----

Reason 5 looked promising after the last two announcements. There are even a few updated features I'd like to check out! (Bipolar CV inputs on the Combinator, Kong and Blocks).

Sadly, I am still feeling let down overall...

The pace with which Propellerheads update their software is vexing to me. I realise there are both corporate and practical considerations in software development, yet I sense an air of not caring about the end user in Propellerheads current marketing/release strategy.

(Especially as so many user requests are ommitted in each update*. *Sometimes user requests help improve software for the benefit of everyone, something a few of us forum members fail to recognise.)

Because of the division of Reason/record/Recycle, and the Line 6 ties, I believe Propellerheads are single mindedly chasing profits. This has alienated me as a potential customer and advertiser of Propellerhead wares.

Before I edited the title and contents of this post, I was calling for a boycott on reason 5. Why go to such drastic lengths? Perhaps I can help bring about a consumer trend that forces positive action in the software company used to be progressive leaders within the industry. This is how consumerism works, and I will counteract with the methods appropriate to the task.

I believe Propellerheads have lost their edge compared to their heyday. I've already put my money where my mouth is and have bought alternative software.

It upsets me because once upon a time I thought Reason was the bees knees! I have spent many hours happily using it! In todays music software market, Propellerheads wares are lackluster.

I want to be able to use Reason because I like the rack style user interface and creative wiring opportunities it presents. Yet with the limitations and lack of features and the general air of corporatism displayed by Propellerheads, I won't support Reason. (I bought Synthedit for wiring up creative ideas/devices).

I still hope somewhere deep down that one day things will change. I'd like to see Recycle 3 released and another upgrade to Reason within the year (2010).

I'm sadly skeptical. I feel that by the time upgrades appear, I'll be deeply rooted to the better alternatives that exist that I have purchased for myself.

Best of luck with the release of R5. I keenly await further news of Propellerheads software updates!



Ps, I've expressed valid opinion.

Present counter arguements to make this thread interesting and to help people decide for themselves the truth of the situation.

Reason 5 will no doubt be successful based on the amount of fans out there. For those of you who are happy with the status quo, please understand that this release (like Reason 4) leaves a sizable portion of customers and potential users underwhelmed or upset.

Propellerheads will benefit themselves if they can accommodate such users. People like myself go out of our way to promote products and services we believe in.

Word of mouth is afterall, perhaps the mosteffective decider of a products success.

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