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Old 2010-06-01, 03:44
lowlifebware lowlifebware is offline
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Smile Embed ReBirth files into the .record file's preference.

Ok folks,

this is just a little something to make file-handling a little less of a pain when using ReBirth wired up to Record. As Rebirth files are so small it would be nice if they were just included within the saved Record file.

This is probably best implemented as a preference as some users will still prefer the old way, and it presents a problem when you open a track that needs a ReBirth file, but ReBirth isn't installed etc, like when doing a collab. A polite "dialogue - ok" would be enough just so people can either persist without the ReBirth section if they want, or cancel altogether.

The benefit of this to the user is that if a song is self-contained and "owns" the ReBirth file, then it removes any issues with file handling under less disciplined naming structures, "so this Record file is called 'beatz 1' but what did I call the ReBirth file, oh yes, it was called 'Auntie Meldora's crazy chicken dance'". And so on, there arer various ways this could make peeps lifes easier.


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