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Arrow Drag & Drop Programming

Okay, this is what would be best for my use..

  1. Click on the control I want to program with Shift+control
  2. App is now in Program Mode. Esc key cancels if needed.
  3. Control is highlighted with something similar to automation highlight, and any currently assigned controls/inputs would have a similar highlight so I can see what if currently assigned
  4. Any programmable target (input, knob, button etc,) get a highlight as I cursor over them, so I know what is programmable and what isn't.
  5. When clicking on a programmable target (input, knob, button etc,) I see a table open up next to the target, with "Min" selected
  6. I move the programmable target control to where I want the Min to be
  7. Hit the tab key or click on "Max" in the edit table
  8. I move the programmable target control to where I want the Max to be
  9. Click on "Done" in the edit table, or hit Return key to exit program mode.
An advanced v.2 version of this could allow me to program any number of targets in one shot, all by toggling, turning knobs, etc in the virtual hardware.

Of course, having access to the tables we see now in Combi/Thor should still be accessible.

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