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Old 2010-05-31, 11:17
siskamusic siskamusic is offline
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Add a decent reverb and other features

with Reason 5/Record the whole thing goes a step ahead - again. Unlike someone wrote in the forum, Reason is n o t a softsynth but an all-in-one-studio. For record this is even more true.
Reason/Record-User know what they do and what they do not want: the Cubase/Logic etc. thing.
B u t: It would surely not spoil the R/R-"spirit", if we get a decent reverb-machine, be it convolution or algorithmic, it is quality that matters.
A n d it would not spoil the R/R-"spirit" to implement MIDI-Out (I vote yes).
As about wishing: I'd like to see a "Controller"-unit with free chooseable and routeable knobs and buttons (more than with combinator). Could not be such a problem, could it?

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