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Old 2010-06-02, 09:55
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"Record" Questions: Information to be used for development purposes.

Okay so first, Hi everyone I'm Patrick Sharpe. I'm the developer behind an online music collaboration system called the Electro Musician. It's not like Sound Cloud or Band Camp, which focuses on the promoting of its members music. The Electro Musician is purely about music professionals, or producers, being able to securely collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world contained within a social environment. Think of it like a FaceBook for music production, without the privacy concerns! The Electro Musician is not open to the general public and the registration closes when we meet a specific number of users. The system is up and ready to go but there are some issues that concern me, that by not owning Record, I cannot answer without more useful data. So here we go:

1. What new file types does record save in? Example: .rec, Etc.

2. If someone was working on a track and the song was say 5 minuets long or maybe even 7 minuets max, how much data is created (megs or gigs) if the mix was bounced into individual files? To clarify: if you bounced down a track to have a studio master your music how much data would you have to store just for that one song?

3. Each bounced channel for this 5 to 7 minuet mix is how large in file size? So to clarify: I have 2 channels one vocal and one drum: I bounce the mix and get 1 channel for the vocal and 1 channel for the drum (how large is the individual channels file size for a song lasting 5 to 7 minuets?)

I think those are the most pressing issues that I need answered. Additionally if anyone is willing to stop by to help test the beta, feel free to do so. membership is completely free but limited to a select number of users. Currently there is an additional 7 spots open prior to the public beta closing off the registration. Depending on how well the beta goes I will see about opening up the registration for more users. We are Propellerheads centric in our mission, but since any file type can be uploaded producers using any products are completely welcome although someone out there with Record would provide the most useful data to the project.

Patrick Sharpe

PS: This was not an attempt to shamefully harvest users. I require useful information on a product that I do not have access to in order to create a place where people can organically share and create music. Please do not slam me for having very few options at gathering this data. Thank you.
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