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Lightbulb ThorBus: Thor times Thor!

This is actually an idea I had a long time ago but never got around to posting (I actually had to check my user account to make sure I hadn't posted this two years ago or something). But here's the idea:

What if there were a special "super cable" you could hook up between multiple Thor units? When two or more Thors are hooked together (maybe there's a limit of three or something), they get added to the first Thor's routing menus. So your menu looks something like this:

ThorBus 1 >
Voice Key >
Osc 1
Osc 2
Osc 3 ...

If you go into the "ThorBus 1" menu, you get access to all of the oscs, filters, LFOs, and so on inside that Thor. New Thors appear as "ThorBus 2," ThorBus 3," etc. This way, Thor goes from semi-modular to fully modular!

Granted, you can do some of this already with the back panel and a Combinator. But this would be really slick.

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