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FX send and returns

I am having problems understanding them. It seems simple, but I can't wrapped my head around it. I checked out RecordU about using reverb which touches on sends/returns and the mini tutorial about sends. It cleared up some stuff but I am still a bit foggy when it comes to this.

Here is an example:
say i create reverb its routed to the send effect in records mixer.
Now you have three knobs plus a pre!! the send fx knob, the mixer channel send knob, and the return fx knob. I am completely lost.

This is what I think:
1. fx send - that knob controls how much verb/effect you use
2. mixer send - that knob controlls how much verb/effect you let in
2b.pre - has to do with the effect starting before ???
3. fx return - ????
I am probably totally wrong.

Am I sort of right?? Can someone explain them to me?? (plus can you please explain them to me like you were talking to a stupid person, because I am pretty stupid lol)


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