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Old 2010-06-10, 21:36
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Allow multiple lanes in the new "blocks" track


I've been looking at the beta of Record 1.5 and Reason 5.

The new blocks feature is a very welcome addition.
It goes some way to answering my request for linked clips (see my previous thread "Linked clips for Reason please!").

However, with only one lane for the blocks track, there is not as much flexibility with the arrangement as I would like.

If I could play more than one block at a same time, I could split (say) the verse into multiple blocks, allowing me to vary the arrangement if I want. (e.g. I could have blocks for "verse bass & drums", "verse synth", "verse guitar 1" etc.).

And how about allowing one block to play another block, so you can have greater hierarchy!
Or maybe that would be a step too far...

(The thing that I am trying to avoid is having multiple copies of the same clip, because I don't like having to make fresh copies after I edit the "master" copy. That's why I originally wanted support for linked clips, e.g. as in Cakewalk Project 5)


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