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The only downside to Reason... that you have to wait before you get to use it

Ey gang,

Figured I might as well introduce myself kinda properly in a first post. Its finally official; I'm now a Live user with Reason (or would that be a Reasonable Live user? ). Forum takes getting used to, but I'll manage (or so I hope, only 4 smileys per message? You guys have no fun at all :-))).

I started diving in synths around October last year and decided that my best bet was a soft-synth. One could say a DAW but I consider my stuff purely to be a soft synth since that was my main goal from the start; to get my hands on a real synthesizer. All hobby based (sorta anyway), and my main focus was sound synthesis.

In the end I ended up between the choice of Cubase & Live and decided that Live was right for me. Reason isn't in there, correct. I tried it, I did recognize the potential and flexibility but at that point decided it wasn't for me. Still; somehow it did manage to leave me with a soft spot for it (and no; that's not because of the good look of the rack ).

Long story longer.. I'm now at a point where I finally start to grasp quite some parts on basic sound synthesis, I'm managing to squeeze way more out of my current combo of Live & Max for Live but I still wanted something more.. And that's where I initially decided to pick up the Reason demo, used it, removed it, eventually installed it again. Followed a tutorial, removed it and this week installed a "not so legal version of Reason".

Nah; its not as bad as it now looks. I wanted to be sure, and the demo is limited. So this week I've read a lot of tutorials, did a lot of testing and this evening decided it had to be so. I've removed that warez stuff, reset my Vista restore point to get rid of overhead (appdata\roaming) also because I never keep warezed stuff around, and now I'm waiting for my package to arrive.

Don't take my word for it.. You'll see soon enough when I pop up in the user forums in a week or two.

Can it be posted tomorrow? Pretty please?
With kind regards,


Using the Big Trio: Live 9 Suite, Max (for Live) and Reason 6.5.


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