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Lightbulb Reason 6/Record 2 wish list.

I know reason 5 and record 1.5 aren't even out yet and after doing a bit of beta testing i can safely say the new features are pretty amazing (that can't be breaking the NDA can it?), but there are still things i would like included and i'm sure others have as well.

So i invite people to list them here.

My little wish list is....

1) Aux/Bus channels in records mixer. (i do a lot of routing in the mixing stages and it can get a bit complicated and confusing with cables and spiders here there and everywhere)

2) Integrated Recycle. (It would be nice to load an audio file into Octorex or sampler or Kong and be able to chop it up there rather than in a separate program)

3) Drag and drop audio files. Either from your finder into record or from your edit page into a sampler.

4) A multimeter. (Using the vocoder works ok but it would be nice to have a dedicated one)

5) A dedicated FM synth. (like FM8)

6) A synth with advanced envelopes. (like Absynth)

that's all i can think of now, please feel free to add some yourself (although i would ask that you avoid midi out and vst inclusion as they are views very much covered in many other threads!)


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