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Old 2010-06-18, 15:30
batcountry69 batcountry69 is offline
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Live stepsequencing with novation launchpad

New to the forum but not to reason.

I've just impulse bought a novation launchpad after watching videos of people live step-sequencing beats and melodic patterns with it and realised that its actually redundant for the those tasks unless you fork the extra for a full license of ableton live AND max msp.

This dude's done it with an external app but it would be that much sleeker to have it integral to reason.

My main way of working at the moment is to rewire reason with reaper and I'd really rather keep it that way so it would be amazing if propellerhead could update their controller support to communicate with the launchpad.

From what I can gather the communication is 2-way (i.e. sequencer steps position fed back to the launchpad to display steps via led... if that makes sense?) so it may well be a huge undertaking but one that would vastly increase reasons potential as a live sequencer like ableton.

What do people think?

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