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Old 2010-06-20, 01:38
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Question Hardware device: sometimes 2 then 1 connection; why?

Hi gang,

And so after a whole day of reading, patching, playing, patching (or maybe routing is the better word) and reading again there's one thing I can't lay my finger on and I'm curious to the why... I have searched this forum, but I'll be honest; right now its very likely that I missed something. If so I'd appreciate a pointer.

Spider audio, merger/splitter. I'm splitting a signal coming from Thor. When I connect Thor's audio output (1 mono / left) the right channel is automatically connected as well (I'm familiar with this; if you don't want that to happen press shift). Now, when I connect the split output from the spider to another device I get something I don't understand...

When I connect one of the left outputs from the spider (audio) to the input (left naturally) of a COMP 01 device both channels get connected. When I perform the same routine on my 14:2 mixer device same again. But when I make a connection directly to the hardware device only 1 channel gets connected and I need to connect the right channel manually.

Its not the spider causing this. I can reproduce the same behavior with my Thor device.

The reason why this is confusing me is because this doesn't happen with my combi device. For example; when I connect my master combinator (m class) the right channel auto connects after I patched the left channel.

And during the writing of this message I think that I can safely conclude that the only device which does "stereo auto connection" is the combinator but no.. When trying this with an empty combinator I get the same behavior.

So, does anyone have an idea what's going on? I bet I'm overlooking something very obvious, but would really appreciate a hint.

Thanks in advance for any possible tips & tricks!
With kind regards,


Using the Big Trio: Live 9 Suite, Max (for Live) and Reason 6.5.


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