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Monkey Electropop

I haven't actually started production on this album but here is an early glimpse at the lyrics.
This is maybe 1 and a half tracks, I'm happy to hear any more monkey themed lyrics for consideration for the album.
Thanks for your time.

monkeys moving in the night
where there was darkness now there is light
the monkey masses have had their say
now the monkeys party every day

clever monkey has got his way
eat the fruit, the juicy fruit
future monkey is on his way
sleep for far days, in a haze
clever monkey likes it this way.
let's get laid, let's get laid.

clever monkey, you're such a clever monkey
eat, clever monkey, good, clever monkey
sleep, clever monkey, soon it will be time to
move on to the vine to
swing on down the line to
get the sweetest fruit
cos that other monkeys cute
and you saw her eat some fruit
and because you aint no brute
you put two and two together
and because you are so clever
you decided to impress her
before you try to undress her
(wait a minute, do monkeys wear clothes?)
the point that I was making, if there is one to this
is are you eatin, sleepin or taking a piss?
if the answer is no to all off the above
stop listening to this and go make some love
your a clever monkey you know what to
get laid, make love, party, screw.

welcome to my zoo
where i am watching you
wondering why you do what you do
they visit me you see
a monkey in a tree
and they watch me pee
why don't u let me be?
why do you want to see?
do you find it that funny?
All I have to do
is give this stuff a chew
and then I have a poo
and then I go and get some sleep
for an hour, maybe two
the other thing I wanna do you
keeps gettin stopped by the things you do
cos getting laid while I'm here you see
is in the rhelms of fantasy
it does not help that you watch me pee
I'm more then a monkey in a tree
I am watching you
cos you are in my zoo

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