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External Routing with real cables.
(if any one wants to post an internal way here using soundflower / jack or whatever, please do)


settings >> Audio MIDI setup
Input channel: 0ne (your guitar in)
Left Output: 3L (your first available out after your main outs )
Right Output: 4R (your second available out after your main outs)
Turn down output knob on Amplitube

Route two cables:
3L OUTPUT on your soundcard to "your 1st LINE IN on soundcard" (NOT your guitar in).
4R OUTPUT on your soundcard to "your 2nd LINE IN on soundcard"

Create Audio Track
Set input to "your 1st LINE IN"

Create Audio Track
Set input to "your 2nd LINE IN"

Play your guitar and set your output level on Amplitube to a good level into Record.
You could pan your two channels hard left and right if you want any stereo effects while recording.
Start Recording.


If you only have TWO inputs on your soundcard, you don't get stereo effects, so change your Left and Right Outputs in Amplitube to: 3L (or your first available out)

Route a cable from that output on your soundcard to your 2nd input

Create Audio Track In Record >> channel input 2 on your sound card.


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