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A/B Mastering Possibility


for many Years it ist a working Fakt: If you want to sound good - you need to hear if your Beat sound as Good as a Professional Mix!
In Reason & in Record 1.0 there is a very deep Problem - it is very easy to overprocess something. What then kills the Lower End in your Mix. And it is also a truth that you can spent hours in Fornt of your Mix & loose the ability to decide: WHAT SOUNDS GOOD or not..

So in the last Months i have this Vision in my Mind, a Mastering Sektion that isnt just tools & cool Stuff.. no - Mastering ist GOOD SOUND! But what ist good sound?
That Question is very very ugly.. becourse every Musicstyle from Rock, to Minimal, Schranz to Volksmusik or Latin Dance Tracks has other definistions. Club Musik needs to get more DEEP and more Mono/Mid Energy & for shure it needs a good lowend.

So what if there would be a A/B Reference possibility. ~100 Loops about ~10Sek. about very very much Styles. From "good sounding" or "famous" Tracks. Just to have a quick & easy going Reference to check out if the Mix was going to the Right way of clean & powefull Sound.
Just Choose one Loop (Cox-Electro Loop1 or Liebing-Schranz Loop1 or Metallica-elseMatters Loop1). Then Hit: Play and choose A (Loop) or B (Mix).
And over all you couls see a Realtime FFT Analyser with gives you also the ablitity to see how much those tracks are Compressed. Easy to watch for VU & Loudness Levels by having the both Sounds (MIX & LOOP) under each other.

And having a realy good Mastering EQ (only ONE in the END) that alows to trimm the IN & OUTPUT. To Reduce the Level after getting the right Frequenzy between LOW MID & HI END.

Shure.. a worse Room make sounds sound realy bad.. but its my belive that those way of working could be a big Stepp to have the Mix better in its Sound, long befor we Say: lets fix it in the Mastering... whats EVER the worst case in my mind. A Mix need to be bounced as best as we can do.

It will be a very very usefull (and powerfull) Mixing/Mastering tool in the End of the Record/Reason Mastering Sektion. Genres i like to have in there:

Goa, Psy, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, Electro, Dance, Acid, House, Latin House, Schranz, Hardcore Techno, Gabba, Ragga, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Black, Rock, Pop, Metall, Klassik Orchestral, Accapella, Irish Volk, Spanish Guitar, Latin(Mambo, Samba etz.) and much More..
Styles from 80 over 90 until now... ala BlackEyedPeas or Timberland.
All in the best quality & dynamik for a good and wise Mixdown like pro would send it to their Mastering Studio (incl. Headrom etz.).

Yes that would be a BIG FAT Monster to install every Loop! But if you own the original DVD you could Choose from a big Libary ;-D Just what style U need.

Isnt this a Cool & great Idea? I belive it is!

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