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Mouse Wheel support

There's one thing I'm missing in the Reason(/Record) user interface, and that is mouse wheel support for all the knobs and sliders.
I personally find it rather useless to be able to scroll the rack up and down with the mouse wheel, means I would not feel restricted if the mouse wheel is used for button/knob/slider control: I dream of just moving the mouse pointer over a control reading the value in the tooltip-popup and being able to manipulate it with the mouse wheel, maybe like with no modifier +1/-1; and with the shift(or ctrl) key +10/-10.
Now, when I made a change and let the mouse button up the pointer is no longer over the control and I have to move it back, unlike with physical controls, which I can grab and hold.
(New Mac-Mouses have a scroll wheel too.)
Maybe that's already implemented in the new version, if not yet: please implement it.
Maybe adding an undo/reset(with shift) command option to the mouse wheel-click makes the UI even easier to handle.

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