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"Noob" needs help with samplers!

Hi folks,

Just bought Reason 4 - literally a few days ago - and this is my first post here (yeah, that faint popping sound you can hear is that of fireworks going off in celebration!).

So far, I've read through the 'Getting Started' guide and have cobbled together enough basic knowledge to begin writing music. The trouble I'm having is with the samplers...

At the moment, I'm creating sample loops - i.e. drum loops and vocals - using software outside of Reason (such as Audacity) and then importing these loops into one of the Reason samplers in .wav format. So far so good - I've worked out how to import the .wav files and get them to play in the sequencer.

The problem I have is that I'm having to use one sampler per sample - e.g. I load a vocal loop into the NN-XT; it plays fine; but I'm unable to add another sample to the same NN-XT without it over-riding the first sample - if that makes any sense?

In short: how do I load multiple sample loops (.wav format) into a single sampler?

Or do I really have to continue using one sampler per loop? (which seems ridiculous!).

Any advice gratefully received.



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