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Pitched Slow Down effect

Hi guys,

I want to get a pitched slow down effect, where it's like the transport slows down very suddenly, but as if you were slowing down a record so it pitches down. I'd use it at the end of pop songs, or before or after a bridge or something like that. I've heard it in some song demos as of late, and I think it's pretty effective. I know it can get overused real quick, but I don't hear it very often.

Anyway, is there a way to do it in Record? It's almost like I don't want to slow down time, but just pitch the entire track down, then bring it back for the one. If I do slow down the transport, Record does a great job of keeping the pitch the same. I don't want that for this. Can I tell record to pitch shift with tempo changes?

Any help would be appreciated.


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