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What is a "high quality sample"?

There's a lot of talk about high quality sounds, high quality VST's, high quality refills and low quality refills. How is this quantifiable, measurable and how much of it is more down to preference of sounds than anything else?

I have to ask because I have the Miroslav Refill and I'm trying to work out how it *could* have been higher quality. I'm thinking about the many drum sounds I have and how they *could* have been higher quality. None of them were recorded with radioshack microphones, in fact they all come from just about the same source of instruments.

I know people who have come and used my refills and complained that some of them didn't sound "real", yet they are all sampled from "real" pianos so how "unreal" could they have been? Or was the "problem" that the sound was good and would have sounded great in the mix because it was recorded with microphones chosen to create frequency curves that would have made it easier to mix with other instruments?

Then if that's true can I be neglecting thousands of sounds, even worse, wasting thousands of pounds paying for particular sounds that after processing might sound the same as sounds I already have for free? And on the same note, could thousands of free sounds and refills be being neglected and put aside in place of sounds that are not superior but appeal more on first glance?
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