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Some new features

Hi this is my wanted features list:

1 advanced stectrum fft analiser and osciloscope with sync option like in
s(M)exoscope vst for advanced monitoring of wave in reason
Basically i use s(M)exoscope then create new synth paches

2 Poly Matrix for poliphonics paterns in matrix i think nice to create some
poly patern in redrum or some chord on synth in matrix pattern style

3 Slide matrix window for display more then one octave right now matrix display
only 1 octave

4 reberth inside reason:
Why? Becouse nice to create reberth sounds in piano roll or matrix 303
tb303 module + special matrix for patern 303 sounds
(its basic matrix + acent + slide cotrols addicted)
Distorshen and patern based filter from Reberth for recreate oldscool sound of reberth
(in option nice link tb303 to screamer)
tr808 & tr909 maby like drum modules or
maby jast create tr808 & tr909 drumkits in redrum
suport for import *.rbs

5 Pitched drums:
Some music genres like hardstyle contains drums played not like midi styles constant pitch drums
but more like synth or bases follow the melody
but that effect currently hard to do and only with pitch bend
and very hard to match correct note
so needs option to play curent selected drum on cong or redrum
like synth pithed
(like uTonic vsti SonicCharge MicroTonic)
a not like constant pitch

6 Slide to note in pianoroll and matrix
Nice feature if seqencer receive slide to note he dont stop playing only smooth
change pitch to note of slide to note
(maybe create slde to note time knob on matrix)

Thanks for lisening best wishes

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