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Modular Guitar/Bass Rig within Record

I know that I'm dreaming but...

Record would be the definitive solution for guitarists if we could control and automate Pod farm's FX from within Record.

It could be something similar to Logic's amp simulator, where you can create a pedalboard style multi FX.

I know you can recreate lots of fx in Reason, but some fx in Pod Farm are definitely more guitar oriented (distortions, various phasers, flangers...) and add a different flavor/tone...

I was thinking something like Thor, but aimed at guitar/bass, a modular Rig, with different slots for distortion, phaser, amp, cabinet, delays, reverb, etc...(the basic guitar FX chain) instead of slots for Oscilators and filters, where you could route all the elements any way you wanted, and you could add every device within PodFarm. A "live" or pedalboard view would be nice too.

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