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Old 2010-07-31, 20:06
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5 Reasons Musicians Don’t Need An iPhone

5 Reasons Musicians Don’t Need An iPhone


Our recent article on Apple’s iPhone 4 introduction and what it means for musicians - 5 Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone 4 – generated a lot of discussion.
While a few of the comments didn’t rise above crazy knee-jerk Apple-phobia (things like “i want to piss on you!”), most of the comments added thoughtful perspectives.
Now some other music websites, including MusicRadar and CDM, have joined in the discussion. CDM’s Peter Kirn, in particular, laid the smack down on me, saying “James at Synthopia lists a number of reasons to buy one that to me just aren’t quite right,” and going on to offer his idea of a reality check.
I’ve collected the most interesting arguments for why musicians don’t need an iPhone below.
Check ‘em out and let me know what you think!

5 Reasons Musicians Don’t Need An iPhone
Windows Is The Top Mobile Platform
Over at CDM, Peter Kirn argues that the iPhone isn’t the top mobile platform for music, arguing that Windows is the top mobile music platform:
“The iPhone isn’t the top mobile music OS. That’d be … Windows.
Seriously. Top handheld, yes. Top mobile, no, because the remaining popular “mobile” solution for music is a laptop.”
Some readers had similar arguments.
Joel says “A Netbook with Skype and free Open Source Applications does more for much less – and no monthly fees. Plus it runs Reaper (licensed, of course!) just fine.”
“For the past year I’ve been using a $179 netbook that seems to do way more than my roomate’s Iphone. I’ve been amazed with how much you can get done with just a 900mhz celeron and XP. Especially without having to re-purchase your applications in a different format.” adds Chris.
iPhones are expensive and musicians are poor.
Several readers pointed out the the cost of a new iPhone is a lot more than the $200 phone cost, when you include the cost of a 2-year contract.
That’s true. When you include the phone & data service cost, iPhone owners are going to pay a couple of grand over a 2-year contract. That’s a lot of money for a phone.
Who can affort that sh**?

Real Musicians Play On Real Instruments. iPhone Apps Are Toys.
“Real musician play on real devices,” says reader trz303. “All those ‘music’ apps are nothing more than toys.’
And Chris notes that “Mutlitouch devices are cool and can be fun, but I’ve found the standard keyboard and mouse to be most productive.”
The tiny screen of an iPhone can be fiddly, compared to traditional music interfaces. And, while the iPhone 4 bumps up the screen resolution, it doesn’t make the virtual buttons & keys any bigger, or your fingers any smaller.
And the iPhone was not designed to be a professional musical device, so it lacks the standard connectivity that would ensure interoperability and quality audio output.
We Live In The Future And The Internet Is Awesome
Kirn argues that musicians don’t need iPhones, because we live in the future and the Internet is awesome.
I’ll let Kirn explain himself:
Not needing a device or a platform is part of the beauty of this being the year 2010 and not 1984. In 1984, a sea of incompatible computers with proprietary standards for everything from simple serial connectors to displays cost more money, were harder to operate, and eventually wasted your time. (One plus: they hooked up to your TV set, no DRM-locked HDMI cables required …but I digress.)
Now, we live in the future. We can choose from platforms that use standards, that communicate via standards, that talk via The Internet and Internet Standards and Browsers so it doesn’t matter what gadgets your friends might have.
We have obscenely cheap electronics, so you can make electronic music with $30 in parts and a speaker, not a six-month residency at a prestigious Research Institution in Paris.
In other words – the iPhone locks you into a contract, the apps Apple approves and a limited selection of peripherals.
$30 in parts and a speaker, on the other hand, let you avoid the six-month residency at a prestigious Research Institution in Paris so you can make electronic music on the cheap.

I don’t need that crap!
“I don’t need that crap! I don’t need that crap!” says reader Andy.
Gordon fleshes this idea out a little better, saying “I find myself increasingly using a notebook for jotting down ideas as they come to me. By that I mean a $1 pad of paper and a biro.”
“Maybe a good test of whether or not some musical idea is worth developing or not is whether or not it survives in your imagination until such times as you have access to an instrument,” adds Gordon. “As for ‘on the go’, what about all of the real world around us – full of amazing possibilities – when we’re not intent on peering at yet another electronic screen?”
Could the iPhone be a case of too much technology and too much connectivity?

I’m Not Convinced – Why I’m Still Getting An iPhone 4
While I’ve heard some interesting arguments against the value of iPhones for musicians, I’m not convinced.

Here’s why:
  • Windows Is The Top Mobile Platform – Who says this is an either/or proposition? Laptops and mobile phones serve different purposes. Does an iPhone provide unique value to you as a musician vs a laptop? For some it will, others it won’t. I can’t fit a laptop into my pocket and mobile broadband service for laptops is pretty expensive, so a smartphone offers a great solution for me.
  • iPhones Are Expensive. Yes – but so are synthesizers, samplers, laptops, workstations, DAW’s, microphones, mixers and just about everything electronic musicians use. You should definitely consider the total cost of owning something like an iPhone before you buy one. But 95% of you already have a cell phone and the cost of owning an iPhone is competitive with other “smart phones”. So the real question is whether the added benefits of using a device like the iPhone is worth the additional cost of a smart phone service contract vs standard cell phone service.
  • Real Musicians Use Real Instruments; iPhones Apps Are Toys. This argument is entirely subjective. The iPhone currently offers the richest mobile app platform for music and there are a lot of musicians using these apps. And even if these apps were toys – music toys are useful, too. Musicians have long embraced non-professional instruments, including toy pianos and more recent “toy” instruments like the Stylophone.
  • We Live In The Future And The Internet Is Awesome! This is true. And “you can make electronic music with $30 in parts and a speaker.” But a lot of musicians need tools that just work – like keyboard synthesizers, samplers and, yes, iPhones. There’s a place for circuit bending and software hacking and there’s a place for tools that just let you get on with making music.
  • I Don’t Need That Crap! This may be crudely stated – but it’s probably the best reason to pass on the iPhone music software hype. My 5 Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone are just that: five reasons why you might want to get an iPhone. You may have one reason, like a preference for a hardware phone keyboard, that kills the value of an iPhone. Or you may not value the connectivity that devices like the iPhone provide. You may just be sick of the iPhone hype. That’s fine – just don’t think that this invalidates the experiences of the many musicians that have found iPhones to be powerful, invaluable tools.
So, there you have it. 5 reasons why you don’t need a new iPhone – and why I’m not convinced.

PS: Has anyone ran Reason 4, Record 1 on a netbook?

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