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Old 2010-08-04, 19:51
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Talking Remix of "Don't Let Go" feat. Archemedes and the Displacers

Hi all,

This is a remix of a tune my friend David Stuart/Archimedes did of a Jesse Stone tune "Don't Let Go". I liked David's take so much (which he modeled after the Roy Hamilton version) that I asked if I could do a remix of it. Thankfully he said yes, even though I don't have a great deal of experience doing remixes.

I tried to break away from what had been done by Archimedes and the Displacers and put my own spin on it. I slowed it a tad and only used David's extraordinary vocals. I hope you enjoy the result.

I should mention also, that David procured the mechanical rights for this tune with the license no. 1113214425

Thanks David for allowing me to have my hand at this - it was a total blast!

BTW, David recorded his stuff using Record and I took that and put it into Protools and slaved Reason to that. I really wanted to run David's vox through some plugins but the gist of this tune was done in Reason.

You can find this tune on the Soundcloud link below or on my Bandcamp site.

Any feedback is good feedback, so don't hesitate. I hope you enjoy.

Music Sites : Bandcamp - Soundcloud - Myspace - Musicnuevo

CD "Harvest Song" available at : CD Baby - iTunes

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