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Old 2010-06-25, 12:23
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64 bit Rewire? this to be a never-ending, unanswered question?

It is now several years since the 1st DAW to fully support true 64bit computing (Sonar) with others following suit (Logic, etc). It's also been a long time since builders have switched over onto 64bit only systems. The cost of adding/incorporating >4GB memory into these motherboards has been, for some time, a non-prohibitive factor. Etc,etc......

Why then, Propellerhead, do you continue to offer no 64bit version of your rewire driver?
Why are you able to continually allocate resources to updating your other products while ignoring this very public concern?
Do you not appreciate the serious restrictiveness and insult in forcing users to operate their rewire applications in a 32bit environment when most users have 64bit systems?

Why do you continue to offer absolutely no feedback on these and other related questions - it is extremely discourteous to continue to do so for so long!..............

Do you intend to release such an update?

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