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Old 2010-08-07, 15:15
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Some simple useful stuff that would be nice to see in Reason (update)

Hello everyone,

I Can't wait for the new Reason/Record bundle. I 'm buying it instantly!

I belong to the minority that composes and produces Rock&Roll using just Reason.
Listener simply cannot believe that it is not the live band, but guitars drawn inside the sequencer.

And Record, of course, opens endless possibilities. I don't miss VST at all.

Here are some of my suggestions that would make Reason even better.

1. Sequencer Keyboard reacts visually to live playing

-lot of people, (like me) are not very good at music theory, and also play other instruments than keyboards, like guitar. So, when I found a note I want to play on the keyboard, I have to search it again in the sequencer. But if you can see the note pressed in the sequencer while you are pressing it on the keyboard, that reduces a work-flow significantly.

2. Inserting chords

In the edit mode, there is still a lot of free room in the bar on the top, which could be filled with useful feature like inserting chords.
It is simple, and consisted of a few drop-down boxes, one next to the other.
First one has only numbers from -2 to 8. here you choose the octave.
Second one is for selecting a root note, from C to B
Next one could be tho choice between minor, major, add, 7... you get the picture, it is like any other chord finder. Then there is a button that you press, and voila! A complete chord is inserted inside the sequencer. It is preselected, so you can simply drag it and make it as long as you like. Of course, it starts where the song position locator is.

3. Local slide & Shuffle

Regroove mixer is great, but it applies the whole track.
Sometimes, in order to get more natural sound, we have to "de-synchronise" the chord. This is especially true if you trie to write a guitar chord in the sequencer. When playing a guitar, naturally a hand first hits the upper strings, and then the lower ones (or vice-versa).
So, instead of turning off "snap to grid", and than move every note in the chord away from the previous one manually, it would be great to be able simply to select the desired chords, and then do it automatically from the context menu. This is a kind of reverse action of "quantize notes". The next menu could be filled with a few preset numbers, that would tell Reason how distant should they be one from another. Also, in this last step, we could choose either the lowest note in the chord stays in place, and the others are shifting, or the highest note stays, and the others are moving to the right.

4. Dr. (Octo)Rex player, "select track" button

How many times were you inside the Dr. Rex, searching for the perfect loop, finding one, hitting the "to track" button, only to realize that it went to the wrong track?

There are other scenarios too. Imagine that you have to change five different loops in five different Dr, rexes.
You always have to go to the sequencer, select the track, go back to the rack, hit the "to track" button, then go again to the sequencer, select the next track, return to the rack, and all over again...

This simple button in the Doctor (Octo)Rex would simply solve this problem. Just press it, and the corresponding track will be selected automatically without going to the sequencer.

5. Lyrics track

This track would have little to do with Reason itself, but also would be of a great help to some composers. It allows us to put the words of lyrics in the exact places where they belong in the song. Simple and effective.

6. (Floating guitar neck)

I suppose this would be too much to ask: a button could bring up a floating representation of a guitar neck. It would allow (just like in the chord finders) to press the desired positions of notes and then the button that would send the chord directly into the sequencer.. Just a guitar players wish

That is it for now. If I come up with some new ideas, I will post them.

7. Export to MP3

While still in process of creation, a new song is often converted to MP3 and being listened somewhere else. I know a lot of people who claim that the best way to experience your newly created music is in the car.Or MP3 player. Being able to export it directly to MP3 instead of WAW would be another way of saving time.

Little bonus: since a song is often not finished while exporting, it would be nice to have an option "export to the last bar" in the dialog box. Why is this useful? - The end marker is often far away from the actual temporary end of the song, so if you don't adjust it, you get a long silence at the end of the song. This option avoids that situation.


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