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Old 2010-08-25, 18:05
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Dr octo needs to be fully midi mapable /Block needs some adjustment too

Have not gotten a copy but since it's out I thought I toss this up there now that it;s the 25

Dr. Octo
So during beta testing I really enjoyed the upgrade. I like the shift that reason seems to be heading to for a more performance/on the fly software. I really like the capability of dr rex (did not think I would like it at first) but we need to be able to midi map the slice paramenters like pan, vol, alt, out, etc....Not being able to do with makes a true on the fly performance more difficult. Dr octo greatly exceeded my expectation and being a huge fan (not to be confused with fanboy!!) of ableton that is a bold statement. You can accomplish (very quickly) things that I can't even do within ableton.

Another things that I was not to excited about coming from ableton. But the ability to quickly mute, cut and rearrange chunks is very nice. Being able to build blocks very quickly with the draw of the pencil is very nice as well.

What I want to do with blocks is be able to build loops on the fly and then combine them without skipping a beat. Example would be say I have something going in block 1, and I then want to build in block 2 BUT still have the music playing from block 1. Or at the very least be able to draw in block one in the arrangment view (sorry sequencer) press play then start building block 2 and be able to then draw that block in all while the music is still playing. Granted this is a very ableton way of looking at things but still a very good idea.

I did not explain this that well but I think ya get the idea. Please in no way view these as complaints just would really need these adjustments. If anyone knows that these things can be done please let me know.

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