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Old 2010-08-25, 21:30
highmarcs highmarcs is offline
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What A Perfect Storm Of Bait And Switch?

Wow! I knew people were going to shit their pants when they found out about the Line 6, Reason 5 update process. Cut out and mail UPC's, then wait for up to 6 WEEKS?!?! Their new name is now "Line 6 Weeks".

What is this...a free tote bag offer in 1985? I sure wouldn't expect software in 2010 to be handled in any such way.

There is no REASON for REASON 5 to not be made available via download!

Add to that, ALL of the troubles folks are having registering/authorizing their Recored 1.5 update (which IS downloadable) and we have a perfect storm of bad planning on Propellerheads behalf. Not to mention, if you download the Record update, you can't use Reason for another 6 weeks because Record 1.5 won't work with Reason 4 or older? How insane is that?

I think I'll just wait a few weeks for Propellerheads to get a million angry e-mails and phone calls from customers and distributors and perhaps a threat of a class action lawsuit and hopefully they will catch a clue and look up the word EFFICIENCY and just put the damn updates on a a high tech software company should!

Hey Propellerheads, give Image Line a call, they know how to let their LOYAL CUSTOMERS EASILY obtain the latest iteration of their DAW!

And Propellerhead Fanboys...PLEASE STOP APOLOGIZING FOR THE PROPS and accusing everyone else of being ungrateful for "Free Stuff"!...

It's not "FREE" as much as it is simply part of what we agreed to buy. It's the OTHER HALF of what we were promised in the deal that we made. It is something we were promised and something we expected, not some kind of sweet "gift".

I ONLY bought Record For Reason Owners last month because the sales pitch promised a free upgrade AS SOON AS THE UPGRADES came out!... If I'd had known about this cockamamie part of the deal, I would have just said fuck it and just bought both upgrades later on, in a store, as I have no need for them right now anyway. This is a bit of a bait and switch to say the least.

I feel like we are being treated like second class customers because we accepted a deal that they were all too happy to push on us! The attitude from Line 6 and The Props is now very much..."Hey, you're gettin' it for free so shut your damn face!...You'll get it when we get around to it. We have paying customers who are more important to us right now!"

First the dongle and now this. Money FIRST...Money Second and Then...People (Your Own God Damn Customers!). When did the Propellerheads get an American CEO?

The attitude is so shitty, I'm tempted to just sell all of my Props stuff and be done with them. They NEVER think about a user/customer or other person. This entire company operates as though it were in a vacuum.

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