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Old 2010-08-28, 13:57
shri84 shri84 is offline
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I love Prop software and I am thankful to them

Just to clarify my position ! (I may have been misunderstood here a lot)

I am Prop software user since Reason 3.

I am looking forward to R/R Upgrades !

I am really thankful to Props for their good softwares !

I may have posted some provoking threads here and I apologize especially for the fact that I have never posted anything else though I am an old user and one fine day I am come in and start on negative side of things (I wont call it whining though).

But believe me, I am now ok with this upgrade thing....Nor did I ever whine about Prop software ! I love it and I have mentioned it many times !

(Only request is not get too hostile when somebody seems to complain about our beloved software, my thread was a reaction out of shock after seeing some complainers get whacked when they first complained about upgrade scheme and I have apologized for it being my negative entry here)

I wish all users a very Happy R/R Upgrade and Usage !

Thanks & Peace !

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