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Old 2010-08-28, 17:14
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Be kind to fellow forum members -- Please don't post multiple threads

Righty. I'm not a moderator here, but I play one on KVR. I hope some friendly advice won't be amiss, advice on how to post in a way that is considerate to fellow forum members -- a way that will help ALL of us get up and running more quickly and with less frustration.

Folks, I understand that some are upset but this stuff is basic "netiquette":

1) Before posting a new thread check to see whether someone else is already discussing the same thing. If it's about the upgrades, they almost certainly are! Join that discussion instead of making a whole new thread. Making new threads means duplicating all the effort that went into answering the last eighteen people who had the same problem you're having.

2) If you have to create a new thread, don't make another exactly like it thirty seconds later. If you suspect your first post didn't go through, wait five or ten minutes, then refresh the forum's topic listing. Your thread will likely appear. If it still hasn't shown up by then, go ahead and try again. But look carefully before you do.

Every thread that's made multiple times forces other people's issues off the first page. You probably didn't intend to be inconsiderate, but that's the effect. Every thread created that duplicates the topic of other threads forces their threads down so yours can have top place. That's selfish too.

We all want the same thing. Let's work together. By being considerate in posting, you'll increase the effectiveness of the people who're trying to help address the problems others are having. That's good for them, for you, and for the whole community.

[insert corny Soviet-style poster representing "collective action toward increased musical harmony" here]


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