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Old 2010-08-28, 18:37
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Can I use a CodeMeter Dongle with Reason 5?


I got Reason 5 yesterday but I was frightened to install it because I heard that I'm limited to install it on two machines only and I own a lot more than that!

I know that there is a dongle called "Ignition Key" from Propellerhead which is basically nothing else than a WIBU CodeMeter dongle. I have such a dongle from my Magix Samplitude 11 Pro. Does anybody know if and if yes, how it is possible to install/authorize Reason 5 by using this dongle?

This would be great since I have the need, if I can do so, to install it on many machines but I'm sitting only at one machine at once so a dongle would be a great solution and I don't want to have a new key for every new program, all machines have only limited USB ports and all the MIDI stuff today uses also USB.

One point to the developers (and this goes to allmost all of the Pro Audio Software guys):

PLEASE, trust your users! It's not cool that people get all the hassles with original software knowing too well that if they had downloaded it on Torrent or so, someone would have cracked it and they get a more hassle free installation.

As you see, it doesn't help to protect your software but it makes your real customers angry. If a piece of software is interesting enough (as Reason definately is), there will soon be somebody who cracks it so for what is all this copy protection stuff for? Don't use this protection stuff since it doesn't make, as I have proven, any sense and make your software instead like 5 or 10 Dollars/Euros (or what ever such a dongle may cost in China) cheaper to get more potential real buyers!

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